Your health is precious. How precious? When surveyed, virtually everyone lists their health as a top priority, following only one’s faith and family. How many times have you heard the expression, “…when you have your health you have everything…” Yet when your health has been taken away or compromised through a careless, thoughtless or reckless action of another, why does it seem that you are the one left to suffer rather than the at-fault party?

Did you know that if you’ve been the victim of an auto accident in Florida it will nevertheless be your insurance coverage on the front line to cover medicals and wage loss, even though the accident was completely the fault of the other driver?

Did you know that if you get to the wrong type of doctor or if certain certifications are not obtained or if treatment is delayed that even this coverage can be greatly reduced or denied to you altogether?

Did you know that your car can be totaled through the negligent acts of another, but you can be left holding the bag for a portion of the loan you still owe on the car?

Do you know what steps to immediately take to protect and press your rights against the party or parties at fault, because we can assure you the defendant’s insurance company is already hard at work trying to limit your recovery.

Our system of justice is a complicated web of laws and regulations that is a trap for the unwary. When faced with an injury it is imperative that you know your rights and have the tools in place to maximize your chance of physical recovery and minimize the disruption to you, your family, your livelihood and your other interests.

Here at Dean-Law we take your situation personally. Attorney Dean has 35 years of experience in Florida dealing with the complexities of personal injury law and he knows just how devastating injury can be to the injured party and his or her family. We will be with you every step of the way to assist you through the maze of issues that will crop up almost instantly. Health should be your priority, let your financial recovery be ours.